Mare - Certamen d'Arts Visuals per a la Conservació de la Mar Balear

Audiovisual Contest for the Conservation of the Balearic Sea 5th edition, open from July 1 to September 15 Check the bases and participate!

Thanks to all the participants for building a collective view of the Balearic Sea.

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MARE proposes an immersion into the Balearic Sea by means of a competition with photography as its main artistic discipline.

We want to extend an open invitation to capture the outstanding beauty of the landscape, fauna and flora of the Balearic Sea so we can share, understand and enjoy it; we must also get to know the challenges it faces and take an active role in its conservation.

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MARE puts the focus on what would otherwise remain hidden from the human gaze: the diversity of a submerged universe woven by interrelationships of fabulous beings where no one is missing or superfluous.

And we want to bring it to light to show its beauty and attest to the changes, the impacts and the fragile recovery of some corners that we have devastated. Because a good image reconnects us with the sea, awakens the desire to know it and, therefore, to preserve it.

As scientific knowledge reveals the interrelationships that link us to the sea, it also reveals the impact we have on it. Knowing the causes brings us closer to the solutions. Can we live and let live?

MARE wants to spread a message of conservation with marine images taken ethically that invite us to look for possible and real solutions to the challenge we face as a species, making visible fragments of a multifaceted reality that requires common sense to conserve a common good.

Because if science is the brain, the visual arts are the heart.

For this reason, MARE unites underwater photography, science and ethics in a contest that aims to contemplate the sea with an intelligent and empathetic gaze.

Whether you are a professional or amateur or if this is the first time you go into the sea to photograph it, MARE offers you a space to share your vision and your message.

What is your look?

Mare - Certamen d'Arts Visuals per a la Conservació de la Mar Balear
© Sebastià Antonio Bota Ferragut
Mare - Certamen d'Arts Visuals per a la Conservació de la Mar Balear
© Julio Martínez
Mare - Certamen d'Arts Visuals per a la Conservació de la Mar Balear
© Vicente Planells Ramon


Photography is an ideal vehicle to show the hidden beauty of the sea, with its vast palette of colours and light. It also allows us to document species and habitats, providing us with essential information about their state of conservation.

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