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Freediving photography workshop

Freediving enderwater photography workshop

Together with AFONIB (Association of Photographers and Filmmakers of Nature of the Balearic Islands), we organised a workshop on initiation to freediving underwater photography.

The workshop will be held 28 August from 9 am to 2 pm.


It is essential to bring a mask and a tube, and you can also bring all the other material you have, such as fins, neoprene, weights.

If you have your own underwater camera, and you want to discober better how it works, bring it with you and we will help you how to use it! If you don't have your own material, there will be 10 cameras available to use. 

To register send mail to afonib@afonib.org

  • Free inscription 
  • There will be 15 places that will be covered in order of registration. 
  • Meeting point: Es Caló de s'Oli (Sant Josep de sa Talaia)
  • Lunch: Club Nàutic Sant Antoni

The whole workshop will be held outdoors. Security measures will be respected at all times and we will comply with the health authorities.