31 Jul

Interview with Victor de Valles - Ona Magazine

Victor de Valles captivated the jury of the first edition with "Inside and outside", a snapshot taken in a semi-submerged cave with a ray of light.

"The Balearic seabed is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen".

Víctor de Valles is from Puigcerdá, he is 33 years old, he started doing the season in the Balearic Islands eight years ago and has been living in Menorca all year round for three years. He explains that he makes a partial living from photography, and although he does it "entirely for pleasure", he tries to "invest what he earns by improving his equipment and travels to enjoy himself to the maximum". He likes to take photographs of nature, landscapes, night shots, sports and, especially, underwater. He points out that the first ones he took underwater were with a 'gopro' while snorkelling in Mallorca 8 or 9 years ago. "And over time I have been improving my technique and equipment".


What captivates you about underwater photography?

I like the light, the colours, the atmosphere, being with nature and the freedom of movement that allows a lot of variety of perspectives, apart from the fact that it is an environment where we don't usually spend too much time, so the images flee from normality.


What are the most beautiful areas for you?

My favourite areas are the north of Menorca, it's a very safe sea with beautiful scenery, lots of good sea days and excellent visibility.


Why did you decide to enter the MARE competition?

I really liked the idea and the format, as well as the fact that I wanted to showcase the seabed of the Balearic Islands which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.


Tell us what the two winning images mean for you.

I don't usually take photos with a message or a story, I just try to show a beautiful place at its best or capture the aesthetic side of this place. Still I think it is a way to show that we have a wonderful place very close to us and we have to take care of it. The photographs are from Menorca and Mallorca during the summer of 2020.


How do you see the state of health of the Menorcan seabed?

I think the sea is becoming empty. Sometimes I go on long trips into the sea or I'm in the water for a long time and I don't usually see much life or variety. In the reserves you tend to see a lot more and bigger fish.


Why would you encourage other photographers to participate in the competition?

It's a great opportunity to participate in a project with a purpose that suits us all and to show the work and effort of each one of us.


You can read the whole report in the following link: Ona Magazine- Estiu 2021

The magazine ONA 25 years of sustainability is the magazine of the Menorcan Biosphere Reserve Agency. Born in 2018 to mark the 25th anniversary of the declaration of Menorca as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it is a quarterly publication that seeks to publicize the activity that takes place on the island around the Biosphere Reserve.