01 Jul

Do we really see the sea?

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to remember that the conservation of the sea and the coast is, and must continue to be, a key component of the economy of the Balearic Islands. That is why MARE focuses on the natural wealth that lies beneath their waters and inspires our actions to protect it.

But, what does seeing the sea really mean to us here at MARE? Caring for the sea means:

  1. A proliferation of species. Working to increase biodiversity, both on the coast and at high sea.
  2. Heritage for future generations. Promoting a network of marine protected areas that cover at least 30% of the Balearic Sea and maintain 10% of it under strict protection.
  3. Fish for today and tomorrow. Enabling professional fishermen to live with dignity from their work, with sustainable practices and equipment that is respectful of the sea.
  4. Enjoyment without plundering. Making it possible for recreational fishermen to enjoy their hobby with low impact on fish populations.
  5. Low-impact boats. Ensuring boats and yachts, both on the coast or at sea, have a minimal impact on water quality, posidonia meadows and marine fauna.
  6. Transparent and oxygenated waters. Practicing water sports while enjoying the excellent quality and visibility of the water.
  7. A waste-free sea. Maintaining beaches and coasts free from plastics and all types of waste.
  8. More tourists falling in love with the sea. Welcoming more tourists attracted by the quality of marine and coastal habitats.
  9. Corporate commitment. Tourist companies will pledge they recognise the sea as a heritage and source of wealth, and will participate actively in its conservation.
  10. A community that gets involved. Encouraging the local community to become involved in marine conservation because they understand the benefits the sea contributes, and the challenges it faces.

Images can, potentially, stop us ignoring the sea. Photography provides an ideal vehicle for showing the sea’s hidden beauty; its colours, lights and shadows. It also enables us to document species and habitats and supply essential information on their state of conservation. How can we know what's concealed beneath the sea without these amazing images?

We need all possible support and participation to build an extensive collection of images from the Balearic Sea. We encourage you to get involved!